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5G Private Network System Integration, Indoor Coverage sDAS, XiNOS Big Data Anlytics & NB-IoT Solutions


Wave-In Communication provides 5G private network solutions for enterprises. As an expert system integrator in the field, we bring our clients the best technology available by partnering with world-leading 5G solutions providers. By integrating different cloud and virtual solutions, we can easily customize the 5G private network to fit our client's deployment needs.


Connection anytime and anywhere. Yes! Even within elevators, tunnels or basements. Wave-In Communication revolutionises the way of radio access in the indoor environment through in-building RF coverage design, improvement in signal performance and end to end monitoring. Our in-building S-DAS solution is optimised to support numerous types of wireless communication technologies .


XiNOS is our own multi-network blended data warehouse platform, that is created for real-time aggregation & drill down analysis, GIS visualisation & analysis, and AI utilization. The analytics and AI capabilities provided by our team is proven to create valuable insights for various mobile network operators.


Our NB-IoT system includes device layer, transport layer, platform and services. It is an end-to-end solution that are customised to our clients' needs and easily integrated with various applications, such as Smart Buildings, Environmental Monitoring, Energy Management in Smart Grid, and more.

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